Welcome to our world, the wonderful world of screenprinting

Everywhere you look these days you see decorated and designed T-Shirts.
This is because everyone has figured out that screen-printing is a great way to get your name out there!
Whether it’s for recognition, (sponsors) advertising or just a great decorative idea that you came up with – Screen-printing is the way to go.

We have to ask a lot of questions regarding every aspect of the process you are about to begin. However, once you know the routine and we have your artwork, printing requirements – style /sizes /colour and of course the quantity of the garments you require, things go pretty smoothly.

So, sit back and enjoy – we’ll have some fun and make it a great experience for both of us!


The starting point of any design creation. Everything we do is custom, so if you have an idea or logo that you’d like to put onto a printable garment this is where it all starts.

Any artwork on the computer is a good place to start. We work in CorelDraw to create and/or re-draw designs.
A vectored format file( .ai, .cdr or .eps) is a huge bonus to the artwork process.
These files are “vector” artwork and this is the format that we use to create our positives & our screens.

If the artwork is not available in these formats or not in the computer, then we must re-draw them on the computer to create a vector format
that we can work with to make our positives and our screens. Once we have the artwork as a vector image, we can then work with it to separate the different colours.
For more detailed information, or questions regarding artwork please visit our 
Artwork FAQ’s 

Application of coloured inks:

First Colour

Second Colour

Third Colour

Fourth Colour – Final product!


To print the design onto the garments we must first burn the image onto a screen.
To do this we must take the vector artwork and separate it into the different colours required for the design.

These separations are printed out onto a clear film positive which are then “burned” onto a screen using a special machine and highly intense UV rays.
For each colour in the design, a different screen is required and must be burned.

Once the screens are burned with the different colour separations, they must then be setup on the printing press.
This is done manually and requires quite a lot of skill as each of the screens must line up perfectly for the design to turn out right on the garment.

We have a manual print press that can print up to 6 colours at one time. The screens are lined up so that when the colours are printed they create your design.
The garments are then run through our dryer to cure the ink and ensure that it dries properly.

Generally we recommend only about 2 or 3 colours for a design, as the fewer colours you have, the more you save!

The quantity of your order also has an affect on your printing price; the higher the quantity, the more you save per print!